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Adventures with Marco Calara⠀

Marco Calara
Vancouver, BC
Instagram: @immarcoo
Spotify playlist: http://spoti.fi/2DO3mmu

Is there anything else better than being outside? For me, I’ve always enjoyed roaming around whether if its by foot or in my van, in the mountains or by the sea. It never seizes to amaze me that these elements can bring a community of like-minded people closer together and share the same passion for exploring.

 I'll never forget my solo overnight trip in Whistler when I was 17. It was a two hour drive from home and a 30km round trip hike. This was my first experience in seeing some of the natural beauty outside the city and I often look back and thought of what made me do it and what my life perspective today would be if I didn't go.

 I went because there are so many unknowns lingering around my life at the time and I wanted to try something new. I was young, clueless, and had zero outdoor skills. I took this as a learning experience, and expected nothing else. I slept in a hammock and packed 50 pounds of gear that never got used. It was a dreadful hike until I got to the top and looked at the beautiful view behind me. I was surrounded by a big blue lake and endless mountain ranges. The feeling of accomplishment instantly overcame the exhaustion and all I could think about was “wow, this is amazing, more people need to see this!”

 Ever since then, my perspective in life had changed. I've gone on countless road trips in my Volkswagen bus in 13 different states around California to Alaska and the west coast of Canada. Documenting and sharing these experiences was the one thing I did constantly. I've always been open about my travels because I love meeting new people and I enjoy sharing stories and photos to family and friends.

 This spontaneous lifestyle is not for everyone but it has always reminded me that our world is worth exploring. There's more to life than being stuck on a 9-5 or getting worked up in university. I try not to get held up in a routine, I've always taken my chances to experience new things because in the end, it's worth it.

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