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Adventures with Wade Montpellier

Wade Montpellier
Instagram: @wademontpellier
Website: www.wademontpellier.com
When you’re born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, the world seems like a pretty giant place. No mountains, no waterfalls, just endless miles of woods and lakes surrounding you at all times. The idea to explore further has been stuck in my head like a stubborn nail, and I’m glad I’ve been able to travel and adventure for the past year. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast and photography naturally goes hand in hand with constantly being outside. Once I started photography I knew I had to chase my dream to travel and live a life on the road. 
In the early spring of 2017, I packed my car with the essentials and decided to head West for an undetermined amount of time. This trip really changed me as a person and also allowed me to be surrounded with people who shared the same passion as me. One of my favourite weeks being when a new friend and I decided to head down to Oregon to spend a few nights on the coastal beaches. I had never been in that area and beach camping was a totally new experience for me. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of euphoria standing on among the crashing waves and salty air. It’s a feeling I’ve had a lot of trouble putting into words but it’s one I keep chasing. 
Currently I’m a dog dad to a Springer spaniel named Marvin, and starting in the spring we’ll be hitting the road to the West for most of the summer and fall. We hope to meet countless of new people and spend most nights under the stars along the way, constantly chasing those feelings of pure joy and adventure.
- Wade Montpellier

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